Please see below for a list of current and recently-offered Gurmani Centre classes. Information on which classes are offered currently, or will be offered next semester, can be found on Zambeel.

Language Classes

LANG 124

Arabic I

LANG 127

Persian I

LANG 128

Sindhi for non-Sindhi Speakers

LANG 129

Pashto for non-Pashto Speakers

LANG 228

Pashto Reading and Writing

SALT 112

The Art of Reading and Writing Urdu

Literature Classes Urdu

SALT 110

Introduction to Urdu Literature

SALT 210

Naya Urdu Afsana

SALT 212

Twentieth Century (Post-Iqbal) Urdu Nazm

SALT 213

Urdu Afsana

SALT 214

Iqbal’s Urdu Poetry

SALT 310

In Depth Study of Iqbal’s Bāl-i Jibrīl

SALT 311

Jadeed Urdu Novel



SALT 220

Subcontinental Persian Poetry

SALT 222

Introduction to Classical Persian Poetry


SALT 142

Acting in Your Own Text: A Workshop Course Using Punjabi Plays


SALT 242

Introduction to Punjabi Poetry

SALT 341

Bulleh Shah

Comparative Literature

SALT 211

The Art and Craft of Fiction Writing

SALT234 Urdu and Hindi-Emergence and Divergence  SALT234_Outline.pdf