Dreams and Struggles: A Conversation with Sindhi Feminist Poets

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 6:00pm
NIB Auditorium, LUMS

The Saida Waheed Gender Initiative and the Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature presents

A Talk by Sindhi Feminist Poets - Attiya Dawood, Tanveer Anjum and Amar Sindhu

Date: September 14, 2017

Venue: NIB Auditorium, LUMS

Time: 6:00 pm

The conversation will revolve around their personal and political histories - bringing out the important intersections between political activism, feminist thought and creative work.

Tanveer Anjum is a prominent Urdu poet and translator. She started writing poetry, mostly prose poems, in the 1970s and has published seven collections so far: Undeikhi Lehrein (1982), Safar aur Qaidmein Nazmein (1992), Toofani Barishon mein Raqsan Sitare (1997), Zindigi mere Pairon se Lipat Jae Gi (2010), Nae Naam ki Mohabbat (2012),  Hashyon mein Rang (2016) and Frame se Bahar (2016). A collection of her ghazals, Sar-o-Barg-e-Aarzoo, was published in 2001. Her poems have been translated and anthologised in various countries.  A bilingual (English and Urdu) collection of her selected poems, titled Fireworks on a Windowpane, was published in 2014.

Attiya Dawood is a celebrated Sindhi poet, writer, and activist, who has been hailed as ‘the most important feminist writer in Sindhi’ by Shaikh Ayaz. Through her writings, Dawood highlights the oppression of women in a Pakistani society in the name of tradition. She raises her voice against misogyny and bias, and advocates the empowerment of women. Annemarie Schimmel has translated her poems into German. They have also been translated into English and Urdu. Two of her poems were published in Jan Goodwin’s anthology The Price of Honour. She has published seven books, the latest being Ek Thaka Hua Sach (2016) which was published in Hindi in Mumbai, India. Her articles on women’s rights, peace, justice, and gender issues have appeared in major national dailies and literary journals. She is a recipient of the Sindh Adeeb Award from Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahat Sabha, India.

Amar Sindhu is a prominent columnist, activist, and Sindhi language poet. Sindhu is also a professor of Philosophy and chairperson of the Department of Philosophy at Sindh University, Jamshoro. She is a socialist and an active member of Women’s Action Forum. She, along with her other comrades, have been publishing the magazine ‘Adrish’, on political, social, cultural and theoretical issues. In 2013, her collection of poetry, titled ‘Ojagiyan Ankhein ja Sapna’ (Jagtee Ankhoo Ke Sapnay) was launched. She is one of the leading feminists in Sindh and is an advocate for the equality of men and women.


Three Feminist Poets from Sindh - Attiya Dawood, Tanveer Anjum and Amar Sindhu from SWGI at LUMS on Vimeo.