Imagination as Resistance

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - 6:00pm
A-5, Academic Block, LUMS

How do the tactics of “playing” and “cunningness” manifest themselves privately and publicly as tenable measures for challenging political oppression and countering tyranny, exploitation, and deep inequality? Playing and cunningness are increasingly put into practice by Palestinians as means to guarantee their existence where it is undermined by the regulations of the Israeli settler state. Not least, playfulness and cunningness have found their way to the works of Palestinian visual artists, especially during the past two decades. In so doing, these artists establish imagination as one such possible terrain whereby the oppressed can envision tactics and methods to foil the greater reality of disavowal and expulsion being practiced by the Israeli state and occupation. The talk will showcase a variety of such art works, including the different aspects of oppression that inspire them--both in their form and/or their content--, and the uncanny methods of resistance they subsequently inspire.