Our Culture and Literature

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

PARVEEN MALIK is a renowned writer, broadcaster, editor, translator and publisher. Her remarkable contribution in these fields is unmatchable. She is now  secretary of the Pakistan Punjabi Adabi Board, and has played a major role in the promotion of Punjabi language. She has published nine books so far: Kee Jaana Mein Koun (Punjabi Short Stories), Nikkay Nikkay Dukh (Punjabi Short Stories), Kassiyaan Da Paani (Autobiography), Maaey Nee Mein Kinnu Aakhaan (Translation), Paynday (Travelogue), Pakistani Zabannan (Selected Articles), Kaafiyan Shah Hussain (Synonyms), Aadhi Aurat (Urdu Novel), Sisaktay Loug (Urdu Translation of Arundhati Roy’s Novel The God of Small Things). Parveen Malik’s stories have been translated into English, Hindi and Urdu. A number of her writings have also been published in Gurumukhi. Her stories are included in academic courses starting from the 6th grade until graduation. Students of various colleges and universities have been studying her writings over the years.

Saeed Bhutta is a professor in the Department of Punjabi, University of Punjab. His specialization is in folk literature and especially  folk stories. He has gathered and published folk stories, named “Kamal Kahani”, “Nabar Kahani”, “Bar Kahani” and “Raj Kahani”. He has collected Punjabi essays named, “Sanjh vichar” and “Sanjh Surat”

Iqbal Qaiser is a prominent researcher, historian and promotor of Punjabi Language. His famous book is titled “Historical Sikh Shrines in Pakistan”.  He is also poet and critic. He has also published books on Bulleh Shah Conferences. Iqbal Qaisar has established a research centre name “Khoj Garh”, where considerable research work has been done on Punjabi language, literature and history