Annual Student Magazine, Numud Volume 6 Published

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has published its annual students magazine, Numud, Volume 6, 2017.

Asadullah Khan, a graduating student, worked on the issue as the Editor; Malik Muhammad Ramazan took the reigns as the Managing Editor and Muhammad Umar Habib and Abdul Wahhab Niaz worked as Assistant Editors. The whole team contributed greatly to the latest volume.

LUMS students contributed articles, short stories and poetry in Urdu for the publication. This volume also includes an essay on Hazrat Rabia Basri by Ahmad Javed Sahab, who is a renowned scholar, poet and philosopher.

The Student Editorial Team had arrived at LUMS without studying Urdu past their O Levels and the issue is a testament to how the Centre's courses have created and enhanced enthusiasm for Urdu among undergraduates.

The sixth issue of ‘Numud’ will be avaliable soon.

Below are the names of the contributors who made this issue possible:

• Aaima Afzal (Student at LUMS)
• Abdul Wahhab Niaz (Student at LUMS)
• Ahmad Javed (Renowned Scholar, Poet and Philosopher)
• Asadullah Khan (Student at LUMS)
• Ayesha Jameel (Student at LUMS)
• Faizan Safdar Ali (Student at LUMS)
• Hafiz Muhammad Umair Mazhar (Student at LUMS)
• Haris Bilal (Student at LUMS)
• Mahroz bin Ayub (Student at LUMS)
• Muhammad Ali Ashraf (Student at LUMS)
• Rebecca Hadank-Rauch (Student at LUMS)
• Sania Sultan (Student at LUMS)
• Sardar Ali Hassan (Research Assistant at LUMS)
• Talha Ali Madani (Student at LUMS)
• Usna Nusrat (Student at LUMS)
• Waksh Awais (Student at LUMS)
• Yusra Jameel (Student at LUMS)
• Zafar Ali Habib (Student at LUMS)
• Zahid Hassan (Research Associate at LUMS)
• Zainab Khawaja (Student at LUMS)
• Zeeshan Danish Khan (Research Associate at LUMS)