LUMS Students Launch Urdu Magazine, Numud

Thursday, November 3, 2016
The fifth volume of LUMS’s annual Urdu-language student magazine, Numud, was published by the Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature in August 2016. It was launched in October at the inaugural session of this semester’s Bazm-e-Ghalib lecture series.
The issue was edited by two graduating students, Waksh Awais and Assadullah Khan, and LUMS students contributed articles, short stories and poetry in Urdu to the issue. The volume also includes a message from Justice (R) Jawwad S Khwaja, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and scholar in residence at LUMS. Three students interviewed Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, one of Urdu literature’s most prominent living legends, who visited LUMS last year for a talk entitled ‘Urdu Ghazal ki Tehzib.’
Given that a third of the student editorial team had arrived at LUMS without studying Urdu past their O levels, the issue is a testament to how Gurmani Centre courses have created and enhanced enthusiasm for Urdu among undergraduates.
The names of the contributors to this issue are as follows:
Jawwad S Khawaja
Muhammad Umar Habib
Pariya Fatima Sajjad
Usman Ibrahim
Waksh Awais
Waqar Sipra
Umair Ahmad
Abdul Wahab Niaz
Fizzah Arif
Ayesha Shabbir
Muhammad Atif Rasheed Malik
Resham Ilyas Dar
Muhammad Khan
Asadullah Khan