Halqa e Danish: Khwaja Abdul Hameed Irfani

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Khwaja Abdul Hameed Irfani (1931-1990) was a renowned Pakistani scholar, writer and poet. He produced his academic and poetic works in Persian, Urdu, and English.  He was also a devotional and dedicated educationist. He served as a cultural attaché of the Government of Pakistan in Iran for so many years. He was one of the true and enthusiastic advocate of Urdu language and literature. He is known as the great lover of the Persian poetry and the prominent icons of Persian poetic tradition. In his academic works, he tried to find the profound links between Rumi and Iqbal’s poetry and thought. During his stay in Iran, he introduced Allama Iqbal’s thought and art to the top Iranian literary, cultural and political circles. His tireless efforts brought Pakistani and Iranian men of letters in close relation and this is considered as the great service for both languages and their respective literatures. He produced many academic and literary works that reveal his vast scholarship, deep insight, poetic talent and wisdom. He was a very well received and one the most venerated personalities of Pakistan in Iran. He was very social, active and his humanistic personality and his masterly Persian poetry was appreciated by the great scholars of Pakistan and Iran. A few of his books are:
1- The Sayings of Rumi and Iqabl (English)
2- Iqbal In the Eyes of Iranians (Urdu)اقبال ایرانیوں کی نظر میں
3- آ ہنگ ِ عشق(Persian)