Latest Issue of Bunyad Published

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The latest issue of Bunyad (Volume 8, 2017) has been published by the Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature. This research journal of Urdu studies, recognized in category ‘Y’ by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), is published annually by the Centre. The new volume, comprising 600 pages, includes twenty five articles on a range of themes.

In this issue, Shamsur Rahman Faruqi discusses features of Faiz’s poetry, Saadat Saeed writes on the influence of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s movement, Arif Naushahi provides a list of manuscripts in the Turkish language located in different libraries across Pakistan, Najeeba Arif explores the nature of fiction and its popularity in the present age, Khalid Mehmood Sanjarani introduces a rare edition of Wajid Ali Shah’s mathnavi Darya-i Taashshuq present in Germany’s Heidelberg University, Saima Iram critically reviews A History of Urdu Literature written in the English language by Ali Jawad Zaidi and published in 1993 by the Sahitya Academy in Bombay (Mumbai), India, Zahid Hassan studies Waris Shah’s Punjabi translation of “Qasida Burda Sharif” in comparison with other translations in that language and establishes the uniqueness and superiority of Waris Shah’s effective and spontaneous expression and his command over the language, and Zeeshan Danish reviews the collection of poems Bhare Bharole by Wasif Ali Wasif. The section on English essays comprises two articles, the first being a translation Basit Koshul and Ahmed Afzaal of a section of Abd al-Majid Daryabadi’s autobiography and the second being Kanwal Khalid’s analysis of a Persian treatise on the Sikh Era.

This issue of the journal was edited by Moeen Nizami and Yasmeen Hameed, with Zeeshan Danish as its Managing Editor.

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