The Raag Shaam series

Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Raag Shaam series, introduced in Spring Semester 2019, aimed to introduce audiences within LUMS to the various nuances of Eastern classical music. Moderated by Ali Aftaab Saeed, Bilal Tanweer and Dr. Moeen Nizami, the series invited Ustād Imran Jafri to guide his audience through various kinds of rāg, and their more technical aspects. Over the course of the series, the audience was introduced to rāg aimen, rāg darbarī, rāg bhairavī, räg bilāval and rāg khamāj, and was privy to rich, evocative performances by Imran Jafri, Shayan Jafri, and Ali Aftaab Saeed of various popular, and beloved, musical scores.